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If you have looked at the wide variety of pure wool stocking options on my site before, this new listing just rolls several of them all together into a 'build your own stocking' option that is hopefully much faster to use when it's ordering day!


Choose from:

Length: Standard is just over the knee on most wearers, Thigh high is around six inches longer, Extra Long is about ten-twelve inches longer, suitable for wearing with the briefest trunkhose.


Heel style: Common heel is a square heel with a three needle bind off under the heel, best for early datelines. Short row heel is a very comfortable more modern style but very useful if you have sensitive feet or don't plan on being seen without your shoes on!


Seam: I can add a purl row 'seam' detail at the back if you wish. This is common on most early stockings.


Shade: I have access to a huge range of shades, the most popular are listed but feel free to contact me for a look at the shade card from the yarn broker, or send me a colour reference and I can see what I have that is close to it.


Fit: These work for most leg shapes, but if you are extremely slim or very heavily built please do contact me to discuss fitting options, there are limits to what I can manage, but can generally fit up to a 22 inch leg without too much difficulty. You may need to garter, these have no added elastic and are designed to mimic early stockings as closely as possible.


Stocking care: Hand wash (or machine equivalent), air dry, shape whilst damp. Pure wool stockings will eventually need darning, a twist of matching yarn is included to help you get the longest possible life out of your stockings.


As with all my custom orders, when the shop opens I take as many orders as I can knit in the following four months, so please be patient. I'm often faster than that, but it may take a while to get these onto the needles for you.

Woollen Stockings

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