Whether you need a well informed, costumed interpreter for a heritage site, a friendly interactive classroom session, a specialist contributer for film, radio or other media, or want to commission a beautifully made object inspired by historic artefacts, we can help.


We pride ourselves on being approachable and professional, and are always willing to tailor our services to suit your specific needs. We've worked with some of the most prestigious heritage organisations in the world, and we're continually developing our own skills to enable us to reflect an ever increasing range of skills and historical time-periods.

Craft Demonstrations

Gareth is shown demonstrating Iron Age repouss√© at St Fagans National History Museum. We can currently offer sessions showcasing a wide range of crafts from the Neolithic to the early 20thC

We reguarly work with museums and research organisations to explore aspects of their collections. Recent projects have included reconstructions of the contents of Cromwell's 'cosmetic chest', explorations of ancient Roman eye ointments, and investigating ways to reconstruct early knitwear.



Sally provided accurate reconstructed Regency cosmetics for the BBC documentary: Pride & Prejudice, Having a Ball (2013) She has appeared on 'Time Team' and many other TV and Radio programmes to talk about working with historic perfumes and cosmetics.


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