Historic Hats:
Sally researches extant hats in museums and draws on documentary and pictorial evidence to develop her patterns for these hats. Most of the hand-knitted ones are also heavily fulled to give structure and solidity.
A few of our designs are also available as downloadable knitting patterns via Payhip if you prefer to knit your own.

NEXT ORDER DATE: As of 1 September I have as many orders as I can currently work on for the moment. The custom hat section will reopen on Sunday 7 November and should stay open for a few days. Orders taken then will get made over the following two-three months.

If you find the listings all showing as 'out of stock; please keep an eye on this notification, or on our our Facebook page or Instagram for updates on the next ordering opportunity. You can still click on listings whilst the shop is shut to see descriptions, but be aware that things like colour choices and size drop downs may not show up. All hats are custom knit and any modifications you may want are generally available. Do also have a look at our 'In Stock' pages, there may be hats already made and ready to go there!  Museums, Film & Theatre wardrobes etc, please get in touch so I can schedule in time for your project.

Overseas clients: We strongly advise you choose a "tracked"post service when you checkout as world post services are being rather slower than usual during current events and it makes sense to be able to see where your parcel has got to! Sales to the EU and Northern Ireland via this site have had to temporarily stop at the end of June when the new VAT regulations come into effect.