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Historic Hats:

Sally researches extant hats in museums and draws on documentary and pictorial evidence to develop her patterns for these hats. Most of the hand-knitted ones are also heavily fulled to give structure and solidity. A few of our designs are also available as knitting patterns via Ravelry if you prefer to knit your own.


IMPORTANT NOTE: We periodically have to shut the custom orders parts of the shop to new orders. This is due to a combination of current order volumes and family commitments. Any orders currently in progress are on track, please bear with us as we  catch up.  As of 4 February at 8am the shop opened as planned:.We have to stop orders when the projected order list gets to be longer than Sally can make over the following six weeks or so. watch this space for the next ordering opportunity, or the most up to date news, consider following our Facebook page  where we update current projects and advance warning of order opportunities. We do have a few items in stock, so if you need something in a hurry or have a question about an order, do feel free to email, we're still around, just trying to clear the backlog. Thank you so much for your patience!