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A cost-effective double cap which works well in modern wear as well as being an option for 17th and 18thC sailors caps. The body of this is hand-cranked on a circular stocking machine before being hand-finished. 


Almost any colour combination of shades you can dream up is available, I often make these with a neutral light brown or oatmeal inside, as many of the surviving fine knit double caps of this period feature that, but feel free to specify your own shade combinations for a unique pure wool hat.


These are one size fits most, but do tell me if you have a specific head measurement in mind and I can block accordingly. Don't forget when ordering to put in a note to tell me your shade preferences. If you prefer, email me in advance of ordering and I'll look out the shades you are interested in for you to choose from.


Made to order. The way our order book is currently working, we open the shop approximately once every three months for new commissions and shut it again once we have as many orders as we think we can realistically make over the next 12 weeks or so. Please be aware that your order may fall anywhere into that timescale. We'll always aim to be as prompt as we can.


Stocking Cap -to order

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