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Mme. Lemye's Lace Sprang Lace from the Collection of the Art and History Museum, Brussels, Belgium Vol. 1 Charts and patterns by Carol James

Carol James announces a new book of sprang lace patterns. This is Volume I of a set of books dedicated to the extensive collection of sprang lace in the keeping of the Art and History Museum in Brussels, Belgium.

This volume contains charts and instructions for some 40 sprang lace motifs found in the collection. The first of a series, this volume addresses basic motifs, lacy grids, diamond shapes, zig-zags, flowers and more. There is very little overlap with other books of sprang lace by Carol James.

The book includes a forward by Ria Cooreman, textile curator at the museum. In the forward she recounts the story of this collection, how it came into the hands of the Art and History Museum.

Mme. Lemye's Lace Sprang: Vol. 1

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