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Based on the weave of a bracelet from an Early Bronze Age burial, this kits offers an introduction to weaving a 13 strand braid using free-end braiding techniques. With enough smooth linen thread for a belt of up to around 150cm/60" (or a shorter belt and a second strap, maybe for a bag strap) and a wooden belt ring, this complex-looking twill braid is actually much easier to weave than you might think and makes a great portable project.


Braiding is known throughout history, although some periods have more commonly found methods than others. It is possible for example, to weave exactly this pattern using fingerloop manipulations, which is a method more commonly found in the medieval period. If using this for historical costuming therefore, you will need to decide for yourself whether the resulting braid fits the evidence for your specific dateline.



13 Strand Braid Kit

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