In stock and available now, this particular Welsh Wig is handknit in a mid-brown shade that suits most wearers. Shown on a 23.5" stunt head, if you require it blocking to a different size just let me know at checkout.

Based on an extant example of a Welsh Wig in the collections of St Fagan’s National History Museum dated 1854, the Welsh Wig was a popular nineteenth century choice with working men including soldiers and even polar explorers! The surviving example was a sample for a consignment of hats being sent to the Crimean.
The simple head hugging cap is adorned with a row of ‘curls’ at the nape of the neck which experiments have shown sit well under other hats and also prevent draughts or rain getting into your collar, very comforting in extreme weather and good also for impressions where your character will be sitting such as clerical workers wanting to avoid draughts.
Charles Dickens famously describes Mr Fezziwig as wearing a Welsh Wig in ‘A Christmas Carol’, making it an excellent choice for Dickensian events. The Nares expedition (Erebus and Terror) also equipped its men with Welsh Wigs, and Welsh Wigs made using the pattern developed by Sally have appeared in the recent series 'The Terror'.

Welsh Wig -in stock!