Roman style spoon in hand forged bronze (approx 4.5% tin). Exact design and length will vary slightly, bowl is typically about 5cm at longest point. We are happy to make modifications to the design to suit your requirements.

Our brass and bronze cookware is intended primarily for display, unless you are confident with how to maintain it to ensure food safety. We can also make sterling silver spoons to special order which are ideal for regular eating with without special preparation, those cost £30 each and can be selected in the drop-down boxes below.


Made to order. The way our order book is currently working, we open the shop approximately once a month for new commissions and shut it again once we have as many orders as we think we can realistically make over the next 6 weeks or so. Please be aware that your order may fall anywhere into that timescale. We'll always aim to be as prompt as we can.


Roman spoon