A light balm made with beeswax and sweet almond oil, coloured with cosmetic grade red ochre (red iron oxide) and enhanced with the merest hint of pure rose oil for a touch of private luxury.

Choose from 'subtle', formulated to tint the lips very gently for an understated enhancement, or 'dark' with enough pigment to create a definite reddening.

This lip paint, whilst not made to a specific historic recipe, should nonetheless be appropriate for use by re-enactors across most historic periods as it uses ingredients widely used in early cosmetics. It is of course also ideal for everyday use.

"Her lips she laies with so fresh a red, as if she sang, John come kisse me now" (Thomas Tuke, c1580-1657)

Ingredients: Prunus Dulcis (Almond) Oil, cera alba, iron oxide, rosa damascenea(Rose) oil. 6g approx. in a twist up tube.
Part of our 'Time Traveller's Toiletries' range of products.

Lip Paint


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