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Inspired closely by an extrant pair in the Met museum and also by numerous adverts which show the late Victorian taste for exuberant stripes and colour combinations, we are delighted to offer this new pair of mid thigh high stockings with graduated stripes and contrast heel and toe.


I can make these is virtually any colour combination you might like, the originals were black and mustard (see inset in last picture), but let your imagination go wild and just tell me what shades you'd like using when you order. Looks wonderful with Steampunk and Goth ensembles as well as with Victorian outfits, or just indulge your love of colour and pattern and curl up in these on colder days.


Knit in the same supersoft wool as most of my stockings, these are handwash (or suitable equivalent machine setting) and contain no modern elasticisers, so you'll get an authentic fit and a cosy result.


As with all our made to order items, the current ordering method sees us opening the shop roughly once a quarter and then shutting it once we have as many orders as we feel we can fill over the next three months or so. Your order may fall anywhere in that period, please be patient with us! There is only Sally making stockings here and we want to give you the best possible quality.


With thanks to Prior Attire for the photos of the stockings in use. Isabela wears pairs in black/mustard and asparagus/heather.

Late Victorian Stockings

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