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New for September 2021, these 100% linen stockings are made with an over the knee length, narrow hem and purl row 'seam' detail as standard.


Choose from a common heel (most accurate for 18thc and earlier datelines) or short row heel (a 19thc style, but very comfortable especially if you have sensitive feet, linen is stiffer than wool). Currently available in natural (undyed) and bleached white linen, the natural is a tiny bit heavier than the white despite being officially the same grist of yarn.


If you have small feet, I'd suggest the fine linen stockings in the other listing as being more likely to give a good fit as I can knit the foot more tightly. You will need garters with these, linen has no elasticity, so once they stretch to your leg, that's it til they are next washed. They are very different to wear than wool or silk! You should be fine to machine wash these on a cool, short cycle as an alternative to handwashing.


Please bear with me as I knit these for you, I'm expecting a lot of orders and it may take up to eight weeks to work through them all.

Heavy Linen Stockings

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