Double solid bronze inkwell set based closely, though not exactly, on an extant one (pictured in the top right-hand of the above image.) We know of two or three other example of this style as well and ours fits well into the general style.


Approx 7cm high, comes with two pens, a couple of sheets of papyrus and a small pot of gum arabic for mixing your ink to your preferred recipe.


The pens work well and can be easily polished to a finer point if desired or to suit your own writing style.


Made to order. The way our order book is currently working, we open the shop approximately once a month for new commissions and shut it again once we have as many orders as we think we can realistically make over the next 6 weeks or so. Please be aware that your order may fall anywhere into that timescale. We'll always aim to be as prompt as we can.

Double Roman Inkwell set