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Ochres (iron oxides) are likely to be amongst the oldest cosmetics known to humankind, and their use can be documented in most areas and most time periods.

Cosmetic grade pigments are carefully selected to be free from any potentially injurious trace elements, and are uniformly finely ground, making them extremely easy and economical to use. We supply ours in a convenient sifter pot, and you only need a very tiny amount to create a powerful colour.

Use as a powder, apply with a damp sponge, mix with oils, balms or base creams, or add to soaps as a colouring material, these are stable, versatile pigments that are safe to use when reconstructing historic cosmetic effects. For pastel shades, blend with a white powder.

Choose from red, black or yellow ochre, approximately 6g supplied in a small sifter jar.  This is a popular item and if stocks run low it may take up a couple of weeks to restock, please bear with us!

Cosmetic Grade Pigments

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