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This blend of exotic spices will transform a piece of beef into a rich, spicy delicacy. The recipe is broadly based on a reference in the medieval text of the  'Menagier de Paris' who specified a method for making beef taste like rarer and more expensive bear, but as we've never tasted bear, we'll just have to take his word for it. Over the years this has become a firm favourite at the banquets we cook for the 'Surreal Arthurian Society' and we've found quite a few ways to use the mixture, from the traditional joint of spiced beef, to a delicate pastrami or even included in burgers or as a marinade for steak. Instructions for use included, but essentially you marinade the beef in this and some wine for a number of days before cooking to your taste. 85g (minimum weight, often heavier) bag of spices is enough for 1-2 kilos of beef, and includes: dark brown sugar, black pepper, long pepper, allspice, cloves, cubebs, nutmeg, mace, grains of paradise, ginger.

Beef as Bear mixture

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