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A very elegant hand-knitted and well fulled bonnet, with a crown approx 9.5 inches across and 2inches from edge to top of dice. Fully lined in a fine smooth black linen, with a hand-stitched 100% silk grosgrain edging and ribbon and a small slightly fulled toorie. (The silk ribbon is a significant part of the cost of this bonnet, if you would like one without the rosette there is an option below that saves a little money for you!)

Made to order in the headsize of your choice (please specify in the notes or by email when ordering), I need good light to work with this dark lining and ribbon. Made to order. The way our order book is currently working, we open the shop approximately once a month for new commissions and shut it again once we have as many orders as we think we can realistically make over the next 6 weeks or so. Please be aware that your order may fall anywhere into that timescale. We'll always aim to be as prompt as we can.

Atholl Bonnet

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